LiTe is a C++ library devoted to planar Gibbsian T-tessellations.

LiTe is a C++ library devoted to planar Gibbsian T-tessellations. It is a software companion of the paper "A completely random T-tessellation model and Gibbsian extensions" published in Spatial Statistics 2013, vol. 6 (preliminary version freely available on HAL and arXiv). Note that LiTe is also available to R users, as the RLiTe package ( Using LiTe, one can

  • Perform some basic operations on T-tessellations.
  • Define a Gibbs model of T-tessellations.
  • Simulate a given Gibbs model of T-tessellations.
  • Estimate the parameters of a given model.

LiTe stands for Line Tessellation. By line tessellation, we mean tessellations that are built upon a line pattern rather than a point pattern. Examples of point tessellations are Voronoi and Laguerre tessellations. A T-tessellation is only a special case of line tessellation. Other types of line tessellations may be supported in LiTe in the future.

In addition to the reference manual documenting classes and their members, specific documentation topics are provided.

LiTe relies heavily on CGAL, the Computational Geometry Algorithms Library. By using CGAL data structures and algorithms, LiTe developers saved a lot of time and effort. The slight drawback of using CGAL is that LiTe depends on a third-party library that must be installed separately by LiTe users. Fortunately, CGAL has many users working in diverse computing environments (hardware, OS, compiler). Therefore CGAL installation is largely tested and documented.

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