Insyght is a browser that helps navigate among abundant homologies, syntenies and genes annotations.

The tool helps biologists and bioinformaticians mine large amount of prokaryotic comparative genomics data and explore the landscape of both conserved and idiosyncratic genomic regions across multiple genomes. Domains of application of these analyses are diverse: identification of evolutionary events, inference of gene functions, detection of niche-specific genes or phylogenetic profiling. Insyght combines three complementary displays:

(i) a table for thoroughly browsing amongst homologues,

(ii) a comparator of orthologue functional annotations and

(iii) a genomic organization view designed to improve the legibility of rearrangements and distinctive loci.

Synchronized navigation across multiple species and interoperability between the views are core features of Insyght. A gene filter mechanism is provided that helps the user to build a biologically relevant gene set according to multiple criteria such as presence/absence of homologues and/or various annotations.


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