Integration from Genome to Organisms (IGO) portal is a gateway to some of the resources developed within the MaIAGE laboratory: Pareo, Prose, Cocitations, Mosaic, B. subtilis expression browser, and Insyght.

IGO (Integration from Genomes to Organisms) is a web portal that interconnects different online tools developed at MIG laboratory in various domains: Mosaic for the comparison of genomes, Prose for the protein sequences, Bacillus subtilis Expression Data Browser for the expression of B. Subtilis data, Pareo for metabolic pathways and Insyght for homologies/syntenies. The integration of the different web tools relies on passing arguments as URL parameters. The benefit of this approach is that web applications from different technological backgrounds can be interconnected without major additional development. However, the web tools must support URL parameters such as the organism name, the strain, the gene name or the locus tag. The IGO web interface has been developed using the Google Web Toolkit (GWT). Data are stored in a PostgreSQL relational database which currently contains 389 bacterial organisms.


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